Introductory Help Guides

The Broken Futures team have put together ‘How to Guides’ to support individual and group researchers in their endeavours to find queer lives inside crime and punishment and newspaper archives in two time periods: 1861 to 1919 and 1920 to 1967. These ‘How to Guides’ are intended as introductions to research and sources used to recollect lives of men who were convicted for having sex with other men – they are not intended to cover the many different approaches to archival, genealogical and newspaper research. It is important to note also that some ‘How to Guides’ rely on the researcher to hold paid subscriptions – the Broken Futures project is unable to provide this for researchers. The following guides are available to download below both individually and as a collective file:

1. How to Guide on the Overall Approach to finding individuals charged of offences involving sex between men between 1850 to 1920.

2. How to Guide outlining the use of online National Archives Ho 140 files for the collation of individuals charged and convicted of sex between men between 1860 to 1920.  

3. How to Guide covering specific research into the individuals found within the Crime and Punishment Archives within the British Newspaper Archive, 1850 to 1920

4. How to Guide covering generic research using search terms within the British Newspaper Archive, 1850 to 1967

5. How to Guide covering the use of Ancestry for genealogical research

6. How to Guide discussing the use of Find my Past for genealogical research

7. Download the entire pack of How To Guides in ZIP Format