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Broken Futures: Research Hub


Broken Futures is a heritage project led by Support U, an LGBT+ resource and support charity operating in Reading and the Thames Valley. Funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, the Broken Futures project will uncover the life stories of men convicted of same-sex ‘offences’ under English Criminal Law, 1861-1967. Archival records and museum displays often displace LGBT+ material and the history it represents. This project will humanise the life histories and allow the community to recover the effects the unjust law had on the men.

Support U is highly committed to furthering awareness of LGBT+ heritage to promote understanding, respect and equality. It has regularly engaged in heritage research and has recently completed two previously Heritage Lottery Funded Projects. The projects covered the Hidden Voices of LGBT+ people in Reading and the 60 year anniversary of the Wolfenden report, which recommended the decriminalisation of same-sex sexual activity. 

Jess and Amy, the Project Officers for Broken Futures, are busy planning research groups, walking tours, museum displays, public discussions and more so please do stay in touch using our contact us

What We Do


— We Champion Diversity

We believe in mutual respect, honesty and diversity in our communities. Through promoting discussion and public research, Broken Futures aims to further harmony in society. 


— We Set the Record Queer

This project aims to disturb the heteronormative narratives running through archives and museums in the UK. By representing the LGBT+ community through tracing their histories in the archives, this project will diversify the records.


— We Strengthen the Community

Through providing community events, displays and public research groups, Broken Futures will be accessible to all. 

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— We Educate

The weekly research group will provide volunteers with training in archival and biographical research. 

We aim to represent a diverse history of LGBT+ research and as such seek volunteers from diverse backgrounds.


— We Represent

This project aims to represent the history of male sexuality in England. It aims to show that persecution of minorities disrupts social order and has human effects that are irrevocable.


— We Discuss

This research project aims to create public discussion and debate surrounding LGBT+ issues. Through this opportunity, the community can promote activism and awareness.

hear from those involved

LGBT+ Research Club - Volunteer

The research club is fascinating – I loved trawling through old records and imagining people’s lives 120 years ago.

A Queer Walk Around Reading - Event Attendee
29th Feb 2020

This research is so important to let people know diversity has always existed in society; this would mean that people, now, would feel more comfortable and safe to ‘come out’, without the fear of rejection.