We believe in Setting The Record Queer and...

we are committed to Illuminating lGBT+ history




Museums and archives often fail to highlight the LGBT+ narratives that can be found in their materials. The mission of the Broken Futures project is to ensure that everyone in society can find people, places and history that they identify with.

Through archival and biographical research, the Broken Futures project aims to find men convicted in Berkshire for same-sex ”offences’ in Victorian England (1861-1967). Their stories have never been recovered and remain trapped in the criminal documents stored at Archives across the country. Support U believes that the men deserve their lives to be discussed and remembered by the public.

Without highlighting societies previous failings, it’s impossible to show the long-standing discrimination towards the LGBTQ+ history. This community led project will convey how diversity and people in society matter. 


— LGBT+ research group

To find the stories of the convicted men, we have created an LGBT+ Research Group. Volunteers at this group will have first-hand opportunities to delve further into their lives and build the life stories of the men convicted to humanise their histories.


— Public Events + Researcher Conferences

For Autumn 2020, the Broken Futures Project has planned numerous public discussions, displays and events and researcher focused conferences to discuss the criminality of LGBT+ persons.  Please see our events calendar for more information!


— Walking tours and Dramatisation

We also have numerous opportunities for the public to get involved in designing walking tours, and even a dramatisation based on the lives of the men found in the research! Please get in touch if you’d be interested!

LGBT+ research club

To complete the research for the Broken Futures Project, we’ve created the LGBT+ History Club!

This research club is designed to offer the public an opportunity to engage with ground-breaking research into criminal records related to same-sex offences. The group provides training in archival and biographical research; it also gives you the opportunity to find the criminal records of Rural Berkshire from 150 years ago!

We’ve had an absolutely amazing interest in the group and now have a strong team of 14 volunteers. We can’t thank them enough for the commitment to Broken Futures.

If you’d like to join, please do contact us.